photograph by dorothy greco

photograph by dorothy greco


Once I began taking my writing seriously, I entered the MFA program at Columbia University where I wrote a pitifully bad novel and tackled a ruck of books I'd never read but liked to quote; The Baron in the Trees (Calvino), all sorts of stuff by Samuel Beckett, Saul Bellow's Seize the Day (A+!), The Wait, The Interloper (Borges), Nowhere Man (Alexsandar Hemon), Notable American Women (Ben Marcus), Chekhov, Alice Munro, and for the sake of full disclosure and a good nub of humility, Pride and Prejudice. (yes, that would be true. I had never read it.)

At Columbia, I received the Felipe P. De Alba fellowship, taught undergraduate fiction, and discovered how much I love teaching. I’ve taught at The Festival of Faith and Writing and at universities and writer’s retreats, as well as read my work at places like the legendary KGB Bar in NYC; where all sorts of coolness minus me have read over the years (really, I was not a cool one. I was too terrified to look up from my book at the three people in the crowd).

But for the purpose of saving face, I’ll add that my poetry and narrative non-fiction has been published in a variety of journals and anthologies, and one of my stories was a finalist for a Narrative spring prize.  

Recently, my debut novel, Can You See Anything Now? won Christianity Today's best fiction of 2018, and A Prayer for Orion, a memoir about heroin and its power to destroy lives, will hit the shelves January 28th.

I live in West Chester, PA with my writer-philosopher-preacher husband, and we have three adult children who are more awesome than everyone else in the world. We pray for them every night.