The video is of Judy Collins, not me, however for the purpose of introducing myself via the world-wide-web, I’ll begin by giving you a taste of nine year old me in my room with the wicker bookcase and a 45 of Send in the Clowns playing on my plastic record player from Walgreens:

I might have written a few poems back then. They had a lot of mixed metaphors and clowns in them. But as Tobias Wolff once wrote, ‘Take no care for your dignity.’ Sound advice. I’ll shoehorn that sentence and apply it to every poem I’ve ever written.

Now I write fiction and narrative non-fiction and I try not to mix my metaphors but sometimes I do.

You can find some of my publications on my BOOKS page. My recent novel, Can You See Anything Now? won Christianity Today’s fiction book of the year which made me really happy for a couple weeks. My latest book is a memoir called A Prayer For Orion. It’s coming out in January.

My ABOUT page has my bio, but my real life is tucked into the side bar where my blog posts are. I got cancer and stuff, so there are posts about that, and other interesting ones, and a really cool one about a moose.

I write and think and pray and sometimes socialize in West Chester, PA with my writer-philosopher-preacher husband. We have three adult children who are more awesome than everyone else in the world. We pray for them every night.