This is why I love my husband


When responding to the encouraging words of a friend who had just read my memoir, Notes On Orion, my greatest-husband-in-the-world wrote these words:

"Your most welcome, I’m so glad it was encouraging. The synopsis you sent was divinely all that Kate had hoped to achieve in writing and living it. Read something today. Some aesthetic philosopher. To be aesthetically courageous consists in the refusal to only heed those features of a natural scene that most readily come together in a familiar pattern or which yield a comfortingly generalized emotional quality. It involves taking the repeated risk of drawing a blank, of finding oneself unable to hold the various elements together as a single object of contemplation. It is an expansion of context, it is the movement toward more complex and comprehensive synopsis.

Spiritually speaking it’s like taking the wilderness of moral and spiritual ambiguity and taming it.  Bringing the disparate moral and spiritual facts into the gravity of a coherence field that makes sense out if, expanding the moral and spiritual ecosphere by integrating and synthesizing what others have left as uninhabitable wilderness. I’m rambling now, but I think that’s what she does, I think you do that to. You tame (cohere) the moral and spiritual ambiguity

Of the world in what you create."

You are the courageous one, my love.