I love white…

it’s my go to “color.” And black, actually, with all our stuff bringing the range of pigment needed, lest we fall into bland, utter, despondency. Oops, I wanted this to be a lighthearted post and here I am at the edge again; our color comes in the form of books, art, people, and a red velvet couch. Craigslist.

We had a flood recently in our bathroom that was the result of a sanitary something getting stuck in a pipe. It was very yucky. I should have before pictures, but in our haste to get sewage out of our home, I failed to take any. What you need to know is that it was a pink and black bathroom, one of those 50’s retro ones that at first seem wonderfully nostalgic, but then when you try to decorate them they prove stubborn and resolute and will absolutely not give up any of their “pinkness” or “Lime greenness.” I tried everything; light, wispy shower curtain, hand-crafted (more on ‘hand-crafted’ in a future post) baskets. In the end I could have kissed that little sanitary something (I know, that’s very weird) because it meant a necessary demo of the entire pink, 1953 bathroom pod.


You’re welcome, future owners. Craigslist sinks. Separate hot and cold faucets. I realise this is impractical, however, the bathroom is now cool enough to call a water closet, or even better, just w.c. Notice my spelling of “realise.”

a katie james original plagiarism of a Louise Bourgeois charcoal hangs above the toilet.

we ran out of money, as is our habit, so my vision of white shiplap had to be scrapped. Instead, I went in with an armload of white panels and nailed them to the wall. Had a hard time mastering the counter-sunk nail. If you tilt your head to the left and squint, you can’t even tell.