Can You See Anything Now? is my debut novel, and follows a year in the small town of Trinity where the tragedy and humility of a few reveal the reality of people’s motivations and desires.

It's a story without veneer, and for readers who prefer reality to sanitized fiction—it's not sentimental. But it is grace-filled.  
The characters are complex—there's a suicidal painter, Margie, who has been teaching her evangelical neighbor, Etta, how to paint nudes; and her husband, the town therapist, who suspects his work helps no one; as well as their college-aged daughter Noel—whose roommate, Pixie, joins them at home for a winter holiday, only to fall into Trinity’s freezing river.

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notes on orion

Notes On Orion is a memoir that will be released in spring of 2018. In it, I reflect on some of the ways that the opiate epidemic in America has affected our lives and the lives of those we love. I'm battling through the second draft right now, and it's a beast to write—I've never tackled book length narrative non-fiction before, and man, ouch. Can't wait till it's done. Hope it's a good one.  


between midnight and dawn

I'm honored to be a contributor to this wonderful anthology, edited by Sarah Arthur, that provides daily and weekly readings from both classic and contemporary literature to follow through the seasons of Lent, Holy Week, and Easter. It's imaginative and thoughtful, and a great way to get a taste of new literary voices as well as some of the heavyweights like Dostoevsky and Eliot.