Can You See Anything Now?


Here's one of my favorite reviews: 

“Can You See Anything Now? marks the debut of an exciting literary talent. I hear echoes of Elizabeth Strout and Richard Russo in Katherine James’s richly detailed world, in her empathy, quiet humor, and hope. Richard Foster has said that writing is spiritual if it ‘drill[s] down into the subterranean chambers of the human soul.’ James manages this improbable task as she explores the lives of an inter-generational cast—including the irresistible Margie—drifting between the small-town foibles of Trinity and urban particularities of Manhattan. May her characters, insights, and often-striking prose find the wide audience they deserve.”
Daniel Bowman, professor at Taylor University, writing for the award committee

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      Notes On Orion or The Lost Boys

Notes On Orion or The Lost Boys (I'm still trying to land on a title!) is the account of my son's heroin overdose, and will be released in 2018. In it, I reflect on some of the ways that the opiate epidemic in America has affected our lives and the lives of those we love. I'm battling through the second draft now, and it's a beast to write—I've never tackled book length narrative non-fiction before, and man, argh! Can't wait till it's done. It's not a typical memoir in that I jump around a lot, deviating here and there from our story, because there's a lot more going on out there than just our story. My hope is that the memoir won't just raise awareness of the problem but will reveal more of the underlying issues that surround it. The design on the left is just my quick photoshop and won't be the final cover.